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Our vision is to provide a world class education to the masses without any discrimination and to develop responsible citizen for our motherland who can contribute in nation building.


Lawrence & Mayo public school is committed to providing an education of excellence that meets student’s interest, abilities & needs within a common curricular framework. We develop our children conscious of their duties towards our nation and its culture by making them confident as well as creative builders of the future.

We seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages healthy competitive spirit and focuses on wholesome development ( i.e. complete spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional & Physical development) which helps us in creating responsible and caring citizens of our country. The multi-ethnic community in school hones a supporting environment in which a child learns to respect others, their cultures and it helps in creating a true sense of democracy among them.

The following are the major principles that inform the daily learning environment:
. Valuing all dimensions of each child – Intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, physical & spiritual.
. Cultivating values of respect, integrity, compassion and justice to encourage community responsibility, combat prejudice & engage students as participants in a democratic society and global community.
. Developing intellectual independence quotient and risk-taking through inquiry, direct experience & collaboration.
. Valuing all the disciplines in an interdisciplinary curriculum, mindful of our historical emphasis on music, dance, theatre & visual arts.

Our special emphasis on social issues raised by the community is being taken up as a challenge which helps us in creating awareness among the society. We have been giving special emphasis on save and educate girl child which is an area of concern for the development of our nation.

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