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I welcome your interest in Lawrence And Mayo Public School, Kota. Our ancestors say that life is a "Tapa" and we burn ourselves day and night performing our "Karma" , similarly at Lawrence And Mayo, Kota we train & develop our students to spread sweet fragrance of selflessness, sincerity and good deeds, so that they become the best enlightened citizens of this lovely and beautiful country-India.

I understand the issue being faced by you and your family during this challenging and exciting time and accordingly looking to the daily life problems and your areas of concern we have designed the campus and curriculum. Our endeavor at Lawrence And Mayo, Kota is to provide an academic environment which promotes a personality and character of positive learning, team work which enables each pupil to realize his or her potential believing that education is life-long and continued process beyond the classroom.

Above all Lawrence And Mayo Public School, Kota provides "The Best" faculty and world class infrastructure to make sure that your child gets "The Best".

Sports, adventures, co-curricular activities, technical visits etc. form part of your personal experience here. This is the only school in the Kota to provide each & every detail on the school website, including declaration of the results. Transparency is our policy & other matters in our specialty.

I invite you to relax and take few minutes, to learn about Lawrence And Mayo Public School, Kota through the words and images on the consecutive pages. Find the answers to the questions you have in mind. We not only believe but are confident that Lawrence And Mayo, Kota is the place where your child's future can be enlightened still if you are left with few doubts, do visit us or contact us to elaborately explain the in-depth feeling and mission of Lawrence And Mayo Public School, Kota.

Er. Pradeep Singh Gour
Director & Principal

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