About Us


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Child Care

The most comprehensive child care learning environment to meet the needs to your child set in a stimulating atmosphere of intelligence

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Play & Learning

play and learning ideas, from the benefits of pretend play, learning self-care skills, how to use play as part of your discipline strategy

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Phycial Activities

Our focus is on inactive kids and our programs are designed to be interactive and fun for all kids – no matter their skill level or ability.

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Expert Teacher

Our teachers have extraordinary levels of patience, enthusiasm, creativity and above all, a love for early childhood education.

Did you know???

85 - 90 % of the brain development in Human beings happen between the age of 10 months to 3 years. And the brain activity actually gets less from age 3 onwards.

Why get the CHILD to school so early?

TODDLERS Program was created to facilitate ‘action based learning’ in a fun filled environment. Traditionally TODDLERS would explore their surroundings and environment in safe and varied ways. However in an increasingly chaotic world this freedom to explore is being suppressed. Today TODDLERS spend significantly less time ‘on floor’ than they ever used to. This leads to developmental delays and possible future learning and social problems in many children. The sessions are specially designed to correct these lacunas and provide multi-sensory stimulation, i.e. visual, auditory and kinesthetic (touch based) programs in controlled and safe environments. Also when TODDLERS see other kids of their age, they learn to communicate better, take up challenges, make friends, play, laugh and Love.