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Lawrence & Mayo Public School is committed to providing an education of excellence that meets student’s interest, abilities & needs within a common curricular framework. We develop our children conscious of their duties towards our nation and its culture by making them confident as well as creative builders of the future.

We seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages healthy competitive spirit and focuses on wholesome development ( i.e. complete spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional & Physical development) which helps us in creating responsible and caring citizens of our country. The multi-ethnic community in school hones a supporting environment in which a child learns to respect others, their cultures and it helps in creating a true sense of democracy among them.

Our special emphasis on social issues raised by the community are being taken up as a challenge which helps us in creating awareness among the society. We have been giving special emphasis on education of girl child which is an area of concern for the development of our nation.

. The largest contest of education is to prepare futuristic citizens for a meaningful and productive life in a globalised society.
. To develop an all round personality of a student and make him/her a useful, enlightened and disciplined citizen of India, who is proud of our country's rich culture and civilization.
. To achieve academic excellence along with opportunities for development of individual talents.
. To emphasize on formation of character and a spirit of dedication for the service of the society.
. To enable a child to extract from his environment - that knowledge, which will prepare him to face the challenges of modern life.
. To develop a national and scientific outlook on life and acquire a thirst for knowledge.
. To inculcate in the students the fundamental human values like compassion, truth, honesty, love for one's fellow beings and respect for our ancient thought and culture.

Class Schedules :

For both summer & winter 8.00 am to 1.30 pm.

Academic Facts :

The new education policy has focused the attention of all those who are engaged in grooming of the new generation on three vital points :


Shift of emphasis from teaching to learning : The role of a teacher is not to teach only, but inspire the children to learn by creating proper environment and encourage them to learn through activity, experiments, survey work and observation. (With proper logical reasoning).

. Promotion of the child is not merely based on a single examination system but is based on a continuous evaluation system. The performance of the child throughout the year is taken into consideration by conducting tests periodically spread over throughout the academic session.
. Co-scholastic activities are given equal importance in the school curriculum.
. There is no formal examination for classes I to V, however students are judged & promoted by their performance throughout the year. No marks are awarded- only grades are given. For classes VI onwards we graduate the students towards formal examination system.


At Lawrence And Mayo Public School, Kota, you will meet only experienced and highly qualified free thinkers, who take teaching as a passion, love their students from the bottom their heart. A bond is developed between students and the teachers, which helps them to bring a depth of intellectual expertise and academic curiosity in the classroom. Lawrence And Mayo Public School, Kota provide a personal, face to face experience, which is achieved by a low students/teacher ratio, accessible teachers, and a focus on the student as an individual. The School has more than a hundred teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff.

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